Quechua Heritage in Cancha Cancha

Cusco, Peru

Textiles, Agriculture

Minimum 2D/1N

Locals speak only Quechua, with a community guide for Spanish and English translation.

April - November


Accessible only by a 3-hour uphill trek, this community is deeply rooted in its Quechua heritage. Life in Cancha Cancha revolves around weaving and agriculture, with potatoes being the primary crop due to the high altitude. Remarkably, it is one of the few communities where alpaca herding and shearing are still central to their way of life. Visitors to Cancha Cancha can explore the ancient art of weaving, a skill passed down through generations. Additionally, the community provides insight into Andean traditions like ‘ayni,’ a practice emphasizing reciprocity and communal support. The warm and hospitable locals eagerly share their rich culture, ensuring a memorable journey into the heart of the Andes.

Please note that the majority of the locals speak Quechua. Tania, a dedicated social entrepreneur with years of involvement in this community, can arrange tours. Tania and fellow community members can lead journeys in both Spanish and English (all team members come from Cancha Cancha). Tania’s efforts have also played a key role in supporting children’s education within this community.

Quechua heritage in a remote village

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