Potato Park, Exploring the Origins of a Noble Crop

Cusco, Peru


Full Day

Quechua, Spanish. Arranging a tour guide in English is possible.


Did you know that potatoes originated in Peru, where there are currently more than 4,000 varieties? At Potato Park, you can learn all about this noble tuber and its origins. This unique project is a collaboration of five Andean communities, located high in the Andes above Pisaq, just an hour’s drive from Cusco City.

The Andean communities at Potato Park have organized themselves to offer travelers a variety of unique experiences. Some community members lead guided tours, others manage the potato bank, and others provide delicious local food, showcasing a stellar example of community tourism in action.

Learn about the diversity of native potatoes and other traditional Andean crops like quinoa and corn, immersing yourself in the rich agricultural heritage of the region. The locals are also happy to share their wisdom in weaving and medicinal plant use.

On May 30th, the locals celebrate the International Day of the Potato with a grand festivity, thanking this vital crop and praying for a good production year. Visit Potato Park and leave with a deeper appreciation for the resilience and wisdom of the Andean people.

Exploring the Origins of a Noble Crop

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