Kamikatsu, Japan’s Zero Waste Town

Kamikatsu, Tokushima, Japan

Recycling, up-cycling, and re-purposing waste

3 days, 2 nights Minimum

Japanese. English translation available

Spring (March-May); Autumn (September-November)

Can you imagine a future without waste? Kamikatsu in Japan is probably the closest we have to a zero-waste town. Through community collaboration, the locals have achieved an 80% recycling rate. Nestled among the cedar-forested mountains of Shikoku Island, travelers can learn about recycling, upcycling, and repurposing waste with the community. With a recycling facility offering over 45 categories, a local thrift shop, to zero-waste craft beers—brewed in a facility made from repurposed materials—Kamikatsu exemplifies that a sustainable future is possible.

The INOW Program (pronounced “eno”), meaning “let’s go home!” in the local dialect, invites travelers to experience Kamikatsu’s unique way of life. Through this program, travelers can learn from various teachers and immerse themselves in the town’s sustainable practices and local traditions like satoyama and mottainai. Kana and Sil from INOW are committed to responsible tourism, creating travel experiences focused on connection, self-reflection, and growth. Want to know more? Contact INOW!

Japan's Zero Waste Town

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INOW Kamikatsu

INOW Kamikatsu

INOW Kamikatsu