Ancestral Teacher at ITB

Ancestral Teacher to be Featured at ITB in Session on Social Entrepreneurship

Ancestral Teacher is proud to announce its participation in the session on Social Entrepreneurship at ITB, one of the world’s leading tourism trade fairs. The platform, which connects travelers with unique community-based tourism projects, will showcase its innovative approach to responsible tourism and its commitment to preserving and revitalizing ancestral traditions.

"We are honored to share our vision for responsible tourism"

ITB provides a platform for exhibitors from around the world to showcase their products and services, network with industry professionals, and discuss the latest trends and challenges in the tourism industry. Ancestral Teacher’s inclusion in the session on Social Entrepreneurship highlights the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism practices and the role of social entrepreneurship in promoting these practices.

“We are honored to be part of ITB and to have the opportunity to share our vision for responsible tourism with industry professionals from around the world,” said Paola Sota, founder of Ancestral Teacher. “Through our platform, we aim to work closely with rural communities and provide travelers with authentic, transformative experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in local cultures and traditions while learning new skills.”

The session on Social Entrepreneurship at ITB will take place on March 8th at 13:00hrs in the Hybrid Studio in Hall 5.3, and is open to all ITB attendees. Ancestral Teacher invites industry professionals, media, and anyone interested in responsible tourism to join them at the session and learn more about their innovative approach to responsible tourism.