A new start!

Ancestral Teacher launches first two projects

We are happy to share Ancestral Teacher’s first projects: two remarkable experiences that have met our sustainable criteria and have invaluable knowledge about textiles, agriculture, and gastronomy.

Mamá Mercedes and Chicha de Jora

In the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru, lies a hidden gem – the traditional kitchen of Mamá Mercedes. Here, Mamá Mercedes, a guardian of tradition, continues the ancestral art of crafting Chicha de Jora, a fermented corn beverage with over 500 years of history. This magical drink, considered the nectar of the Incas, has been part of important celebrations and rituals for centuries. Mamá Mercedes warmly welcomes visitors, inviting them to step into the past and participate in the timeless tradition of Chicha.

Cancha Cancha, a remote Andean community

Accessible only by a 3-hour uphill trek, Cancha Cancha is deeply rooted in its Quechua heritage. Visitors to this community can delve into the ancient art of weaving, a skill passed down through generations. The community generously shares its rich culture, emphasizing practices like ‘ayni,’ a tradition of reciprocity. Led by dedicated social entrepreneur Tania and fellow community members, tours are available in both Spanish and English, ensuring a meaningful experience for all.

Are you planning to visit Peru soon? Make sure to add these incredible experiences to your to-do list! By supporting these projects, you become a vital part of our mission to give visibility to initiatives that preserve ancient wisdom, benefit local communities, and enrich travelers’ lives. Happy travels!